Step a Little Closer

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Along with a photographic essay, 'Seeing S P A C E, this new short book 'Step a Little Closer' is a curated, unique set of stories that are told through the voice of one who has begun to get to know a place, a little bit at a time. From 2015-2020, DK has been popping into Bangkok for stays of one week to four, hosting conversation parties and generally getting 'into the scene.' Sometimes mere acquaintanceship can evolve into... something more.

Dipika Kohli 

Dipika Kohli's written and visual work, as well as curations, juxtapose people, place, and found imagery in 'minitheaters' as well as digital 'zines' like S P A C E. She engages with media at hand, wherever she is, to build something out of what's available in that moment, with that feeling. 

A bricolage artist at heart, she thus invites the new to enter any frame: when mixed, there is invitation for those who are participant to connect, reconnect, and revisit their idea of such fixed thinking as 'this is where this is taking us' and 'here is what we know.' Do we know anything, for sure? Ask the quantum physicists. Ask N. Bohr: 'How wonderful that we have met with a paradox; now we have some hope of making progress.'

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Step a Little Closer
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