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Prologue [Excerpt]

Vietnam, where I am writing from, here in the monsoon season of August 2021, had been happily enjoying being mostly fully open since the start of the pandemic, after quashing three covid-19 mini-waves. I got here right when the pandemic started; my flight was shifted around in March 2020 and I decided to lay low and wait a bit in Vietnam until things calmed down. It has been a long time, relatively, more on that in a moment, and virus stuff still has not done the slowing around the world that we all collectively had hoped it would have by now, but okay. That means: time. Solo time. A lot of it. To reflect, a bit.

Mostly the country was wide open. Facing a complex situation triggered by the infiltration of Delta, however, around the time of Reunification Day weekend at the end of April, there is much new uncertainty. Sure. It’s the story of this pandemic, everywhere, around the world...

"Một chuyện về một chút không gian và một chút thời" means "a story about a little space and a little time."

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  • Size2.64 MB
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